Stone Crusher Screen Mesh

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Stone Crusher screen mesh(Quarry screen mesh )
Stone Scrusher screen mesh material:
Manganese stee(65Mn,30Mn)l,high carbon steel(72a,82b,60,55,45),spring steel,stainless steel(316,304,202).
Specification Of Crusher Screen Mesh
Wire Diameter: 0.5mm to 15mm;
Mesh size: 1mm to 100mm;
Length & width: can be required;
Stone Scrusher screen mesh advantage:
The manganese steel is very abrasive and corrosive. And the stainless steel material is very corrosive.According to the different application, also choose different materials.Crimped wire offers stable structure and good strength.
Weaving and characteristics of crusher screen mesh:
We have diffient weaving styles can be choosed:

Double Crimped Lock Crimped Flat Top
Application of quarry screen mesh: 
Cement industry;
Stone crushers;
Coal feeders;
Machinery belt guards
Component trays

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